Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hooked On Reading

Have you heard of RSS before? I seem to hear you saying ''Noooo!''. I did not hear until the last week. Now I'm here to introduce this technology to you. Firstly, RSS implies Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. RSS is such a useful technology that it enables us to keep track of our favourite website. There are a lot of versions of RSS and I use FreeReader which is an online reader service. Rather than check continually the websites you are interested in, you are alerted by RSS when your favourite websites add a new post. By using this service, you can have the very latest information on these topics delivered directly to you. With these countless advantages, it is already used by millions of users all around the world.
An ELT Notebook is one of my favorite blogs and also a blog every inexperienced teacher should follow. Of course, not just for inexperienced ones, even experienced ones can. There are many things you can benefit from as a teacher. The blog gives English teachers many different ideas about teaching English, how a teacher should teach the students the language or what kinds of activities English teachers can use in their English class for their students. As I said, it recommends teachers a lot of different activities they can use in their class such as picture games, drilling games, speaking. What's more, the blog does not speak to a specific student level. For me, the blog is full of information and it's obvious that there are many experiences the blogger has had until now. The blogger does not share only her own experiences or ideas in the blog, she also gets opinions of other teachers from different countries. People like me, who will be a teacher in the future, should not underestimate the blogger's experiences and should pay attention to her advices.


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