Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Oops, First Let Me Watch a Movie!

Hi guys!
Here I am again with a new post. As you know, a new post means a new project. For this project we made a review with my friend Esra Seferino─člu about a film named Stoker on Wiki. Wiki gives us opportunity to work collaboratively with other people. Thanks to this useful website, Esra and me worked together for our review to give you some information about this film. All we did is like briefing the film without mentioning what happens in the end of it. Actually, we did not have any difficulties. On the contrary, it was entertaining cause watching movies is such a good thing that you can both have fun and generally learn interesting something while doing. I think activities like this work on teaching students to collabrate with each other and use technology. Through Wiki, students will be better with technology and more eager to share their knowledge with others. Also, it enables the students to make choices actively about how to generate, obtain, manipulate, or display information. I mean that teachers can make students use Wiki in classroom.

Reading film reviews is the thing that all people do. Cause there are times when we're bored and think there's nothing to do. You wanna watch any movie but have no idea which film you'll watch and in that time reviews work a treat on finding what you're looking for.

I hope our review can help you,too. You can give a look at the review by clicking here.

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