Thursday, April 21, 2016

Language Is The Key

Hi guys! Via this post I'm gonna introduce you an app, Voxy. Voxy is the world’s first personalized language learning app that adapts to students’ and employees’ unique learning needs in real-time. Voxy has three million users in more than 20 countries. The app has been rated the #1 education app in 23 countries.
Thanks to this app, you can learn English according to your personal needs. Rather than teaching phrases that are not relevant to daily life, the app teaches users the things they can use in the daily life. By this way, they learn only things they need, not things are useless. The app also take care of your level at the beginning so it asks you to choose your English level. Voxy measures users' improvement, and courses will automatically adapt to updated proficiency levels.This tools helps the users have interesting conversations topics with the other people. You can feel more confident about your speaking. The app also helps us improve our communication skills with its conversation records.

The app includes up-to-date news articles from leading publishers, English songs, videos of people accomplishing daily tasks, and audio recordings of real-life situations.You'll learn to speak English by reviewing newspaper headlines, popular music, videos and more.

This tool is very effective to learn English for especially people like me cause I am a person who can be easily bored.For this reason I can not focus on something for a long time.But thanks to this app and its entertaining learning style, I can learn the language without being bored. Actually I can have fun while learning something. All I can say about the app is that you should give it a try, If you want to learn English in a funny, not boring way.




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