Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What's your Story ?

Hi guys! It's been a long time since my last post.Me and my friend Esra made a presentation about a website called as Storyjumper in our class. I wanna share my knowledge with you by writing this post as I think you should know this website.


StoryJumper is a charming and easy-to-use tool that gives kids a template to create their own short children's books. This website is the perfect program for creating children's books!
For me, Children or even adults can love working with the program because they can either use the graphics and scenery supplied or import images and/or photos from the internet or from their personal collection. The site is also useful for teachers.Teachers can create a free account that has a temporary password for students and the site supplies individualized permission slips for each student so that his/her parent/guardian can sign and return in order for the student to have home access to the site. When in class, the teacher starts a time clock so that students can work on their creations. There are several pricing options for ordering completed books.


To make your own story, Firstly you register on the site by verifying your e-mail.After registering, think about your story; a good title which can take the attention of people the setting, the characters, the action.Start to write your story page by page. For each page, you pick a scene (background), add “props” (images) and write text. The good things for Storyjumper is that they offer a lot of pictures and icons to choose whatever suits for your story. They provide various functions so that you can change the font style and size, you can write anywhere you like on the page, upload your own photos and pictures and use them in the story. The StoryJumper repository of images and props are easy to use. You can search by category or type in a key Word. Once your book is complete, you can print own your story and share it in your blog, also send a link, or place the book out for the public to view and order. You are able to create up to 16 pages you can create a custom book or revise one of the books they have already made. However, the biggest advantages of the website is that it is FREE! It does not have such a limitation like paying money for the site. If you want, you can allow others to tweak the story.
I wanna share the story we created with you. Here it is:

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